Cider Tech Blog

Behind The Scenes At Dominion Cider Co.

DCC-05 Temperature Controller

Our homemade microcontroller module that we use for everything

Building Sign

Laser cut scrap wood, paint, affix.

Shout Out: Vancouver Hack Space

A fantastic community resource for learning and making anything.

iPad POS Stand

Building a custom point-of-sale system for the tasting room.


Measuring everything and putting it on the Internet.

Cider Cave Cooling

Building an Internet-enabled walk-in cooler by hacking air conditioners.

Cider Cave Construction

How do you control fermentation temperature when all you've got are IBCs in a hot steel building? Build a huge box.

Starting a DIY Cidery

How and why we started Dominion Cider Co., and why we chose to do almost everything ourselves.