Thu, Nov 26, 2015

Building Sign

Laser cut scrap wood, paint, affix.

We’ve been making our cider in the Quanset for the better part of a year, but we’re getting ready to open it up to the public, so we need a sign!

My first thought was to use our angled logotype, just like on the bottle. It looked really sharp but perhaps a little too flashy and imposing for a big sign. Instead I just wrote out our whole name in capital letters. Here’s the mockup I made.

(Thanks for the photo, Clinton. It was the only head-on photo of the building I could find.)

Mike found three suitable lights kicking around the farm, and his father in law installed them precisely according to the mockup.

I cut the letters out of scrap plywood at Vancouver Hack Space.

Robin painted them white and I fastened them to the building. Job done!

Posted on Thu, Nov 26, 2015 by Luke Cyca