Thu, Nov 26, 2015

Shout Out: Vancouver Hack Space

A fantastic community resource for learning and making anything.

All three of us grew up in rural areas but have been living in the city for the last decade. Mike has moved back to Summerland and lives on the farm, but Robin and I still live in Vancouver, straddling urban and rural living. That’s given us access to the types of resources that are generally only available in a city.

A year ago I joined Vancouver Hack Space, a community of tinkerers and makers and engineer wannabes (and real engineers too). We have a shop near Olympic Village with tools, parts, and a steady flow of creativity. VHS has given me the confidence to tackle projects that I would have considered out-of-my-wheelhouse only a couple years ago. The laser cutter has opened possibilities in fabrication and signmaking, the collective electrical engineering knowledge is fantastic, and simply seeing what other people are working on has kept me primed with ideas for new projects.

Some of my projects on the horizon:

  • Homemade electric water-bath pasteurizer
  • Bottle labeler built from laser printer parts
  • Better co2 pressure monitoring and control (for carbonation)
  • Software to automate sales reporting to the Liquor Distribution Board

Posted on Thu, Nov 26, 2015 by Luke Cyca